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MOSCOW Cheap Nike Air Max Plus TN Ultra All White Clearance , Sept. 15 (Xinhua) -- Russia strongly condemned the latest missile launch by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), as such provocation will further worsen the situation around the Korean Peninsula, the Kremlin said Friday.

"Russia is deeply worried over more provocative launches, which lead to further escalation of tensions on the peninsula," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was quoted by Tass news agency as saying.

"We strongly criticize such provocative actions and believe that such unequivocal demonstration of condemnation is the sole specific measure that can be taken at the moment," he said.

The DPRK reportedly fired a missile over Japan's northern island Hokkaido and into the Pacific Ocean on Friday, which came only days after the United Nations Security Council voted in favor of a resolution toughening sanctions on the DPRK.

Russian parliament members also denounced the latest move by the DPRK.

Head of the Russian State Duma's Foreign Affairs Committee Leonid Slutsky said Friday that Pyongyang is playing a "dangerous game," which comes as a clear challenge to the international community.

Meanwhile, he noted that the new missile launch proves sanctions and pressure will not work on the DPRK, and that the Korean Peninsula issue should only be addressed with a diplomatic solution.

Similarly, First Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Council's Defense and Security Committee Franz Klintsevich also warned that "one cannot rein in North Korea (DPRK) through force and threats, especially by provocations."

He suggested countries with actual influence on the DPRK conduct high-level consultation and strengthen dialogue with Pyongyang so as to find a sensible way to deal with the situation.

"I think that serious consultations will be held at the international level, and the international community will in fact come up with options that will seriously impact the DPRK Cheap Women's Nike Air Max 90 Leather All White Outlet ," he said.

1st direct freight train service linking E China, Duisburg launched

London subway station blast being treated as terrorist incident

Super typhoon Talim brings gale and heavy rainfall, causing billows in E China

Exhibition held during National Mass Innovation Entrepreneurship Week

Special snacks displayed during 14th China-ASEAN Expo

Scenery of paddy fields in Baicheng, NE China's Jilin

China Focus: World's oldest panda dies aged 37

Scenery of terraced fields at Wuyishan in SE China's Fujian

BEIJING, June 27 (Xinhua) -- Following are the results from 2015 China Athletics National Championships, a test event for the 2015 IAAF World Championships, here on Saturday:



1. Tang Xingqiang, Fujian, 10.38 seconds

2. Mo Youxue, Guangdong, 10.40

3. Yang Yang, Hubei, 10.41

4. Liang Jingsheng Cheap Men's Nike Air Max 95 KPU Triple Black Clearance , Guangdong, 10.43

5. Mi Hong, Hunan, 10.52

6. Xu Haiyang, Jiangsu, 10.53

Hammer throw

1. Wang Shizhu, Liaoning, 69.07 meters

2. Qi Dakai, Shaanxi, 67.70

3. Guo Kun, PLA, 65.89

4. Ding Yuanbo, Fujian Cheap Men's Nike Air Max TN All Black Outlet , 64.72

5. Zhao Yihai, Shandong, 62.97

6. Yang Han, Heilongjiang, 62.87

Pole vault

1. Zhang Wei, Shandong, 5.65 meters

2. Yao Jie, Anhui, 5.65

3. Xia Xiang, Shanghai, 5.50

4. Lu Yao, Shanghai, 5.50

5. Rong Yunlei Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Ultra 2.0 Essential Triple Black Wholesale , PLA, 5.15

6. Zhong Wenfeng, Guangdong, 5.15



1. Yuan Qiqi, Jiangsu, 11.58 seconds

2. Wei Yongli, Guangxi, 11.64

3. Tao Yujia, Shanghai, 11.65

4. Lin Huijun, Fujian, 11.86

5. Kong Liwei, Heilongjiang Cheap Women's Nike Air Max 97 Coral Light Pink Sale , 11.90

6. Wang Xuan, Fujian, 11.92


1. Zhang Deshun, Yunnan, 15 minutes, 56.19 seconds

2. Liu Zhuang, Jiangsu, 16:11.13

3. Hao Xiaofan, Jiangsu, 16:11.15

4. Zhang Jingxia, Gansu, 16:14.29

5. Liu Ruihuan Cheap Men's Nike Air Max 97 All White Latest , Henan, 16:15.72

6. Wu Xufeng, Gansu, 16:16.33

Hammer throw

1. Zhang Wenxiu, PLA, 71.91 meters

2. Wang Zheng, Shaanxi, 69.47

3. Liu Tingting, Liaoning, 68.44

4. Luo Na, Heilongjiang, 65.76

5. Shan Dongxue, 64.78

6. Yan Ni Cheap Nike Air Max 97 Summit White Free Shipping , PLA, 62.30

Long jump

1. Xu Xiaoling, Henan, 6.59 meters

2. Wang Wupin, Fujian, 6.43

3. Zhou Xiaoxue, Guangdong, 6.38

4. Jiang Yanfei, Hunan, 6.21

5. Li Ying, Shanghai, 6.21

6. Li Li, Chongqing Cheap Nike Air Max 97 OG Undefeated White Outlet , 6.10

HAIKOU, China, Dec. 9 (Xinhua) -- An international youth soccer winter camp attended by 27 teams from Brazil, Russia, Mongolia and China kicked off Wednesday in Baoting county, southern China's Hainan province.

The first sector of the winter camp will last for more than one month in a soccer training base built for young soccer players mainly from north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, where outdoor training is not available in winter due to the nippy weather.

A Brazilian team and a team from Inner Mongolia competed in a five-a-side soccer match after the camp opened. Brazilian players won a large margin with their better skills and cooperation.

"These young boys are eager to become professional players in the future and they all try their best in every match," said Brazilian coach Livio Balata.??


SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 19 (Xinhua) -- Rebecca Portnoff, a doctoral candidate in computer science at University of California, Berkeley, has developed the first automated techniques to identify adult ads tied to human trafficking rings by linking the ads to public information from Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency.

As websites for online classified ads selling sex are widely used by human traffickers Cheap Nike Air Max 97 OG Undefeated Militia Green Clearance , and Bitcoin is the primary payment method for online sex ads, Portnoff's effort is seen as a first step toward developing a suite of freely available tools to help police and non-profit institutions identify victims of sexual exploitation on websites.

Such websites include Backpage and Craigslist, where ads for human trafficking are often found.

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